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Vision / Mission :To Manufacture, sell, distribute all types of organic, inorganic chemicals, by products compounds any other kind of chemical, mixtures, to our customers and other consumers world wide.


Developing a strategy based on your Vision & goal

We are customers focused Company engaged To buy, sell, export, import, production, manufacture undertake job work, conversion contracts, produce, refine, process formulate or otherwise deal in all types of organics and inorganic chemicals, dyestuff, pigments,specialty chemicals, fine chemicals, chemical elements and compounds including laboratory and scientific chemicals of any nature used or capable of being used in the dyes and intermediates industries, pharmaceutical industry and all other types of industries, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, industrial chemicals or any mixtures, derivatives, by products and compounds.

We also provide Eco-friendly dye & chemical options that can reduce your environmental impact and we encourage these substitutes where they make sense.