Our History

Initially Lt. Mr. Brijlal Bhatia has started proprietorship named “Bhatia Colour Company.” in the 1975 with the intention of trading of dyes and chemicals. In 1985 one of our Promoter Mr. Ramesh Bhatia has joined the hand of Lt. Mr. Brijlal Bhatia in the same business. After spending decadein the trading of dyes and chemicals Lt. Mr. Brijlal Bhatia has decided to start manufacturing of dyes and chemicals with the help of our Promoter Mr. Ramesh Bhatia. Mr. Ramesh Bhatia and Lt. Mr. Brijlal Bhatia had jointly and gradually expanded the business in the late 90’s. Due to their hard work and expertise in the field of dyes and chemicals they had imprint their name in the manufacturing of Chemicals, Dyes and Auxiliaries products along with the good quality and specialised solutions to each customer in the Indian market.

In the 2000 year, Mr. Bharat Bhatia, Promoter of the Company joined the business.With the help of his academic knowledge and expertise to understand the product requirement as per the contemporary era, they have started new partnerships & proprietorships for the various range of products and different services. In the 2006, when Mr. Ravi Bhatia, Promoter of the Company joined the hands of the existing promoters and started new proprietorship named “Ravi Chem” for the trading of Chemicals, Dyes and Auxiliaries products. Promoters has started manufacture, distributions and sells of all types of organic, inorganic chemicals, bi-products compounds of dyes and any other kind of chemical, mixtures, to the customers. By the time promoters had undertake job works, refine process, formulation process and conversion contracts along with manufacturing and trading.

In the November, 2021 the Promoters have joined their hand to establish corporate culture rather running proprietorships & partnerships individually. On December 10, 2021 Mr. Bharat Bhatia, Mr. Ramesh Bhatia & Mr. Ravi Bhatia, Promoter’s of the Company jointly started the Bhatia Colour Chem Limited andestablish the corporate culture for the joint business. They also decided to merger many of their existing proprietorships & partnerships in the Company and expand the business with the established corporate brand name.Currently Company is in trading& manufacturing of Chemicals, Dyes and Auxiliaries products. We produce finished Textile Auxiliaries& Chemicals by mixing basic Textile Auxiliaries& Chemicals with our standardised formulation of chemicals with the help of stirrers. We produce Foil Binders, Printing Inks and Zari Binders in our Company with the variety of ranges and specialisation as per the demand of the client. Our main strength of the products are our formulation of chemicals and quality maintenance.We being trader of Dyes and Auxiliaries products, supply’s our products to mainly the processing house of the textile industries for the printing of the textile. Our products are mainly useful for the printing on Textile materials like Polyester & Cotton which includes, ambos on T shirts, Zari Prints and shading.