Our Products

Textile Auxiliaries

The Textile Auxiliaries are specially used for washing and dying of yarns and fabrics. These auxiliaries are formulated for textile products in the forms of cationic, non-ionic, surfactants and amphoteric. These auxiliaries find usage in textile industries for dyeing, finishing, printing and sizing fabric applications. Textile auxiliaries’ chemicals, commonly called as the dyeing auxiliaries are formulated chemical compounds which are used in various operational processes in a textile. It is formulated chemicals used for, dyeing, printing, and effectively completing the manufacturing process to get the desired effect

It is an essential product which is essential for a textile industry because it helps in the preparation of the substrate, which is used for colouration. It is also used for stabilization of the medium of application, plays a major role in increasing the fastness property of dyeing and modification of the substrates.

We are manufacturing the Foil Binders of different specifications as per the requirements of the processing houses. The product manufactured by us are innovative and compete with the market on the price range. The quality of our product is accepted by the processing houses and they got desired results by using our product satisfactorily, on account of that, we can develop cordial relation with the customers and got repetitive orders.

Value Added Printing Products

By looking at the revolution in the textile industries, in our Company, we manufacture the Value Added Printing Products by way of dyes and chemical for the textile industry.

The Value Added Printing Products involves below mentioned products:

Value Added Printing
Glitter Powder

Our Competitive Strength

Experienced Promoters with sound market knowledge
Our promoter Mr. Ramesh Bhatia has more than three decades of experience and Mr. Bharat Bhatia & Mr. Ravi Bhatia has more than One and Half decade of experience in the trading and manufacturing of Chemicals, Dyes and Auxiliaries products. Their relations with suppliers and customers are excellent. Marketing Strategy and management acumen have been useful in implementing the growth strategy. We get the benefit from the experience of the promoter and core management team.
Specialized in developing and marketing of value added printing products
The Company has also developed the value added printing productsfor getting better value realization. The new shades are developed after doing research and development work and also provide glitter powder to be with the textile revolution. The glitter powder is mainly useful for the fancy T Shirt work.The promoters are associated with other partnership firms and they have in-house Laboratory for research and development work. The Company will get the benefit of research work and develop value added product.
Research and Development
The Company has R&D team and they, with their knowledge, develop various dyes and auxiliaries and also guide the customers on the products. Our promoters are providing special facilities to clients by fulfilling their requirements with colours, embosses and glitter shades which are not available in the market. The Promoter arranges the Master batch (Colour Chips) for unique colours to their customers.
Cordial relations with Customers.
The promoters are surat based and mainly supply the material to the process house in and around Surat. The easy access to the promoters by the client and immediate solution of their problems by the Company develop cordial relations with customers. The customer centric approach of the promoters is one of the key factor for the development of the business of the Company.

Our Business Strategy

Geographical expansion
The Company at present is doing business in and around Surat only. The Company is planning to expand its business activities in not only Gujarat but also in other states of India.
In organic growth
The Company has decided to do inorganic growth and in that direction the company had taken the running business of M/s Ravi Chem, a proprietary concern of the one of the director of the Company. One of the objects of the Initial public offer is also to take another partnership firm of the Promoters. The object of the takeover is to gain access to new markets through successful acquisitions.
Improve Operational efficiencies
Our growth will depend upon the improvement of the operational efficiencies. The improvement of operational efficiency will enhance the profitability of the Company. We intend on implementing various measures to improve our operational efficiencies, including undertaking measures to reduce our consumption of disposable items and avoid wastage. We intend to maximize our operational efficiency by achieving greater integration and by implementing a stronger supply chain management.

SWOT Analysis:

  • More than two decades experience of the Promoter in the line of activity
  • Sound customer base
  • Excellent relations with customers
  • Limited geographical area of Operations
  • Family Owned unit.
  • Lack of professionalism
  • Develop new variety of yarns
  • Geographical Expansion
  • Tough competition